Robin Blackburn
Robin Blackburn is a historian and sociologist, and one of New Left Reviewís editors.


Age Shock and Pension Power: a searing look at the fiscal crisis of an ageing society, corporate corruption, fund skimming and tax breaks, with new proposals for pension provision. The last few years have shown how badly the financial services industry performs as a custodian of savings and pension funds. The ‘skimming’ of US mutual funds, the see-saw of the stock markets, and a string of business scandals from Enron to Parmalat have wiped billions from the savings of employees on both sides of the Atlantic. Out this November, £14.99/$27.


July 2006

New Left Review

'Financialization and the Fourth Dimension'
New Left Review, May-June 2006

'Imperial Margarine'
New Left Review, Sep-Oct 2005

'Capital and Social Europe'
New Left Review, July-Aug 2005

'Creed and Conquest'
New Left Review, Mar-Apr 2005

'Symptoms of Euro-Denial'
New Left Review, Nov-Dec 2002

'The Enron Debacle'
New Left Review, Mar-Apr 2002

'Cuba Under the Hammer'
New Left Review, Jul-Aug 2000

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'When I'm 65'
London Review of Books,
19 February 2004

'To settle and rule'
Times Literary Supplement,
23 October 1998

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Banking on Death
Verso, 2002